Garuda Match 3

Published ByGaruda Point
Release DateAug 31, 2017

Game Modes:
Get the Target Score - Swipe Fruits and Splash them to reach the required score and get the stars
Timed Levels - Get the targets before the time runs out
Collect Drinks - Crush the Fruits and collect all the Drinks 
Dirty Sugar Crush - Destroy all the Dirty Sugar Candy blocks
Sugar Bomb - destroy Sugar Bomb until they explode
Jelly Cage - break Jelly Cages

system requirements
OS: Android 2.3 and up
processor: Dualcore and up
memory: 512 MB
disk space: 33 MB
about this game:

- 100 well designed levels
- Sweet powerful combo boosters and delicious power ups
- Stunning graphics and unique gameplay
- Easy to play, challenging to master
- Free to play

Fruit Boosters:
Move Boost - Gives +5 extra moves
Time Boost - Gives +30 seconds
Bomb - Detroy some items around
Color Bomb - Destroy all fruits with same color
Sweet Shovel - Crush 1 item in the game