Guild Of Soul

Published ByGuild Of Soul
Release DateMar 31, 2017

Reynald, The Prince of the Ghost Kingdom, got trapped in a scheme incited by God from the heaven realm.
His kingdom also got attacked by an old civilization called The Human, and lost his power during the process.
Will he be able to regain his power?

Find out only in Guild of Souls (G.O.S)

system requirements
OS: iOS 6 and up, Android 2.3 and up
processor: Dualcore and up
memory: 512mb
disk space: 32mb
about this game:

Game Features:

Evolution & Devolution
Various army to unlock and evolve them to the best and strongest path of their class. 
Making the wrong path in evolution tree? No need to worry. devolve your army never been this easy!

Side Scroll Battle
Summon your army, and defeat your opponent army also their base!

War game experience
Classic war game at your service. Feel the war experience like the old times with better graphic.

Hero duel
Fight the enemy in hero duel mode, win and possess all the hero available to possess in G.O.S.

Difficulty settings
We prepared 3 difficulty for you to choose. ( Enjoy or Challenging) is your choice now !

Future Updates :
1. Hero Arena
2. War Conference Arena
3. Hero Enhancement
4. Side Quest campaign