Code of ethics published by PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang, which aims to:

  1. Providing satisfaction and protection to all related parties, promote healthy competition in the framework of the free enterprise world system and enhancement of public image of direct selling activities.
  2. This code of ethics concerns the relationship between company and distributor, distributor with consumer, and among distributors.



Direct Sales is the marketing system of products directly to the consumers, usually done in their homes or in any other location away from permanent retail premises, through explanation or demonstration of products by a distributor.

PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang Direct Sales Company is a business entity that uses a direct sales system to market the products of PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang by distributor.

Distributor / Buyer License is someone who has been declared as a member by PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang to conduct product distribution system. Distributors are independent business partner and not as an employee of PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang.

Consumer is a person that uses goods and services provided in the community, both for self-interest or family.

Sales activities include contacting prospective customers (customer), offering and demonstrating products, receiving orders and send or deliver goods and collect payment.

Order Form includes orders printed or written (by hand), receipts and letters of agreement.

Recruitment is an activity with the aim to invite someone to become a distributor.



  1. Terms to become a distributor of PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang is a person who is 17 years old and above or who have a legitimate say in Indonesian law.
  2. To join the business of PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang, the applicant have 3 options:
    • Pay the registration fee for Rp 135,000
    • Fill out the balance or also known as GP (Garuda Point) in the prospective distributor account that will be obtained after creating the ID on our website.
    • Purchased distributor license in our company.
  3. The company has the right to refuse a person's registration if necessary.
  4. Membership period is valid for 1 (one) year and there is a period of membership renewal.



  1. The distributor's membership will be terminated and revoked by the company if it has violated the code of ethics of PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang.
  2. Distributor who have resigned are allowed to reapply after 12 months from the date of the distributor resign. The Company has the right to consider the relevant approval to re-join as a distributor when the company considered that the early resignation could be accepted with a valid reason, and the company has the right to decide together with the distributor, regarding the placement of network for the distributor to be placed.
  3. Distributor membership period has expired and not renewed



  1. Distributor will receive starter kit after registration fee has been paid
  2. Distributors are entitled to the right information about the company's identity, marketing programs, quality of goods, training programs and other information for the company's business progress and distributors.
  3. Distributors are entitled to the products with good quality.
  4. Distributor is entitled to receive sales reports on behalf of the corresponding distributor correctly and receive bonuses accordance with company provisions
  5. Distributor has the right to receive education and training to be able to operate ethically. Other approach is allowed until it reaches the expected result without having to ask permission of PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang before. For example, holding training sessions, conducting guidelines, written or audio-visual guides



After a person has qualified and has been approved to become a distributor, every distributor should be obedient to the rules and code of ethics of PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang.

  1. Distributor is obliged to obey the rules or code of ethics of PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang.
  2. When presenting sales, distributor must introduce him/herself honestly to prospective customers and must introduce the company and products of PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang. Explanations and demonstrations of the products offered must be accurate and comprehensive.
  3. Distributors must provide accurate and understandable answers to all consumer questions about products and offers.
  4. Distributors are required to provide training and self-improvement to improve the performance of the network.



  1. Distributors are prohibited from attracting / collecting money from consumers, promising unreasonable compensation, and do the practices of misleading/inappropriate sales.
  2. Distributors are not allowed to give information verbally, in the form of brochures for product labels that are misleading or incorrect.
  3. Distributors are not allowed to give verbal promises about products that exceeds the one that are written by the company.
  4. Distributors are prohibited from buying products or encouraging downlines to purchase products in excessive quantity.
  5. Distributors shall not make comparisons that may be misleading which are not in accordance with the principle of healthy competition.
  6. Distributors must not defame any company or product, either directly or indirectly, including utilizing unethical trade name or symbol of a company or any other product.
  7. Personal contact or by phone should be made at a reasonable time so as not to disturb others. A distributor must stop a demonstration or sales presentation when requested by the consumer.
  8. Must not ask other distributors to pay high membership fees, training costs, fees for promotion or other contributions
  9. Distributors must not engage in misleading or unfair recruitment practices.
  10. Distributors are prohibited from sponsoring people who are already distributors of PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang.
  11. Distributors are prohibited from printing product brochures, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, banners, posters, banners, product guide books, marketing support system books and training books related to the business of PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang without the approval of PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang.
  12. Distributors are prohibited from selling products of PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang below the price set by the company.



PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang will sanction distributors who violate the Company Code of Conduct, in the form :

  1. Warning Letter
  2. Letter of Revocation of Membership

The Company reserves the right to impose sanctions on distributors who violate the code of ethics by looking at distributor offenses.



  1. Each distributor must uphold and obey the code of ethics of PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang.
  2. PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang reserves the right to change, modify, refine and improve the code of ethics if deemed necessary by PT. Internasional Network Cemerlang